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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday January 21st 2010

Today I created this blog. My Homeschool bowling league started yesterday. My teammate Ashlyn and I started a team called The Twinkies! It's really fun to bowl and my highest score is so far 154. Bowling is a great sport and is great to play with friends. Now to tell you about my pets! My family and I own four dogs, five cats, four chickens and thirteen goldfish! Our cats and our dogs are all rescued from various places. Our cats names are Angel,Stella,Bella,Ringo and Paul. Our dogs names are Princess,Caspian,Sebastian and Benni. The goldfish don't have names but our chickens do! There names are Cyndia,Hedwig,Sorrow,Alice. Yes we have a lot of pets but it's great to have them. You never get bored with our cats! If there not sleeping then there chasing eachother around the house! They are always in my room watching the wild birds out of my windows. When you try to do school work on the table there always laying on top of your papers! The dogs are not to bad they mostly sleep and eat, somtimes chasing a squirrel or two. Well I have to go school starts at ten a clock sharp!

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